All Sanjeevani Organics Products are duly certified as per NPOP & NOP Organic Standard.

Sanjeevani Organics is an Uttarakhand based organization dealing with Organic Food Products and producing organic products like as basmati rice for last 8 years in India. We are one of the largest producer and supplier of organic foods products in India and abroad. The brand is an outcome of more than 8 years of organic food research and development.

Spread of Organic Agriculture

  • Total Own Project area under Organic Production – 1200 Hectare
  • Number of Farmers associated directly with us – 624 Farmers
  • Number of Farmer Groups associated with us – 24 Groups
  • Number of Farmers associated Indirectly with us – 2354 Farmers (3489 Hectares)
  • Number of Farmer Groups associated Indirectly with us – 41 Gropus
  • Organic Project Areas spread including our own and associates:

- Uttarakhand – Dehradun, Haridwar, Rudrapur, Bazpur, Chakrata, Kalsi etc

- Rajasthan – Sirohi/ Pali/ Jodhpur/ Asnawar/ Jhalawar/ Kota/ Bharatpur/ Sikar/ Jaisalmer

- Madhya Pradesh - Baramati / Indore

- Maharashtra – Dhule/ Amravati/ Akola/ Sangli/ Hingoli/ Jalgaon/ Raver/ Mandsor

- Karnatka – Siddapur, Hubli, Sirsi

- Punjab

At Sanjeevani, we are committed to support Organic cultivation to protect farmers, planet and you. Beyond delivering the highest quality of Product, our organic products are cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We employ traditional farming methods that sustain the nutritive value of food without subjecting the crop to chemical warfare. Sanjeevani Organics seeks to introduce harmony in the way we eat, live and interact with our environment. Company has a professional team for ICS (Internal Control System) and has extensive field experience in organic cultivation.

Our Mission

Our Mission lays the footprints of our road map and declares our purpose as a company. It serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. Our Mission is to create value and make a difference in the life of farmers, to contribute in Organic Sector to be a leader and to unleash the potential of Rural India in a way where we can leave a environment which is safe and as beautiful as it intended to be for coming generations.



Our Vision

Our Vision is to build a commercially viable and sustainable Organic Farming Model that ensures betterment of all the stake holders. Maximize Long term returns for our customers by bringing prosperity in rural India.
We are based in Foothills of Himalayas, Dehradun which is blessed with rich natural flora and fauna and ancient organic traditional methods of cultivation. The hilly areas produce different exotic fruits, herbs, vegetables and beans. Farmers use old agricultural practices of farming and step farming covered under National Organic Development Programme. The plain areas produce huge quantities of Rice, wheat and Millets.
We have our state of art office based at Sanjeevani Tower, Subash Nagar with 4 Processing units for different products located in Dehradun and Safidon. Our Rice Milling Unit based in Safidon, Haryana is acclaimed for producing one of the best qualities of Organic Rice whose quality is appreciated across the world, including 46 countries. Our Food Processing and Packing Unit is based in Dehradun where we clean and grade and pack the raw commodities in sellable, presentable form to distribute the same across metro cities of India and more. Our Bakery unit is a separate unit located on the way from Dehradun to Mussorie, located in Lap of Himalaya this unit has very picturesque view with a very clean and pleasant working environment. Our Oil, Ghee and Honey processing and Packing unit is again a separate unit so that all the categories are processed and packed with skilled and seasoned labors for one of the best quality.

Corporate Philosophy

At Sanjeevani, we are committed to support Organic cultivation to and get a respectable status to Farmers by upgrading them socially and economically. We attempt to transform the hazardous Agricultural practices in a sustainable and eco friendly way where the concern and well being for Producers, Planet and you are always on top of our mind, Beyond delivering the highest quality of Products to end consumers. By our initiative we wish to pay homage to ancient agricultural traditions!!

Our Managing Director: Mr. Shrikant Sharma

Sanjeevani Organics was founded with the continuous and conscious efforts of our Director Mr. Shrikant Sharma, A well known figure, Socially and Politically. Shrikant Sharma is an Engineer and MBA Professional from Krukshetra University. Coming from the Agriculture Background and a family tree with government service background, He is a successful first generation entrepreneur having business expanded in three verticals apart from his passion Organic Agriculture viz- Printing and Publications (S.S. Technoprint), and A renowned A+ Class Civil contractor of Road and Bridges.
Being Born and Brought up in Dehradun and coming from Agriculture Background he thought of doing something innovative in Agriculture where all the stakeholders are benefitted especially Farmers. And that’s how a new culture has been introduced across the Uttarakhand as Organic Farming. Whereas most of the Batch mates, Colleagues and Friends settled abroad. His love for Nature and Agriculture bounded him to be in India and put efforts to make it more beautiful and sustainable.
In his 40’s he is very active and energetic, a good team leader, great planner and visionary, successfully handling a team of more than 300 Professionals with respect, love and care, including his all three business verticals. He has single handedly transformed the face of Organic Agriculture in the Himalayan valley and India.
Enterprising with passion in agriculture, introducing new techniques and modern marketing tools he is committed to introduce Sanjeevani Organics as most comprehensive organic food brand across the country. Based on the tumultuous response received in just few months of its launch in Northern India, he is enthusiastic and envisioned to expand the reach and span of Sanjeevani Organics on Pan India basis and Abroad.

Apart from a great planner and executor Mr. Shrikant Sharma is very down to earth and social person, he loves driving country side, cooking, photography and hosting people…

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