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Sanjeevani Agrofoods Pvt Ltd is a leading Brand in Organic Farming. We are Largest producers and exporters of Certified Organic Food – Pulses, Cereals, Cow Ghee, Indian Spices, Honey, Tea, Frozen Vegetables and Many More.

Organic Agriculture

Organic agriculture is an ecological production management system that promotes and enhances biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity. It is based on minimal use of off-farm inputs and on management practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony.


Organic food must be processed in an operation that has been certified to organic standards, with special steps taken to make sure the organic ingredients are not co-mingled or contaminated with non-organic materials.


Organic farming is different than conventional farming because crops that are grown organically are less forced into development of growth, which means that the time it takes for the crop to develop is generally slower resulting in better quality.


Sanjeevaniorganics is committed to making your private brand program a success. For years we’ve provided a wide variety of best in class products to companies around the world. We have the capability to produce products based on your Requirements from our large assortment of products available for immediate production.


While the organic food market has grown, the price of organic foodstuffs remains largely out of the reach of many Indians. Indian make food decisions based solely on the price of the food. With most organic foods, especially produce,


Sanjeevani Organics Goes International. Sanjeevani organics Retail Products are now available in brand name of Paliament Sanjeevani Organics across the globe through 56 distributors in 36 countries. We are also catering for Bulk supplies under export division and can be entertained at +91 7060058124.

Our motto: Protect Farmers, Planet and YOU !

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our vision

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build a commercially viable and sustainable Organic Farming Model that ensures betterment of all the stake holders. Maximize Long term returns for our customers by bringing prosperity in rural India.We are based in Foothills of Himalayas, Dehradun which is blessed with rich natural flora and fauna and ancient organic traditional methods of cultivation. The hilly areas produce different exotic fruits, herbs, vegetables and beans. Farmers use old agricultural practices of farming and step farming covered under National Organic Development Programme. The plain areas produce huge quantities of Rice, wheat and Millets.

Core Objectives

Produce high quality, fair trade and organically certified products ,Assist farmers with training in organic farming and certification and also Reduce farmers’ reliance on expensive imported chemical inputs. Market and distribute products in partnership with small farmers, thus generating employment and income for the producers themselves, Engage in sustainable business practices which draw upon indigenous knowledge systems and build on existing networks.

Our Mission

Our Mission lays the footprints of our road map and declares our purpose as a company. It serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. Our Mission is to create value and make a difference in the life of farmers, to contribute in Organic Sector to be a leader and to unleash the potential of Rural India in a way where we can leave a environment which is safe and as beautiful as it intended to be for coming generations.

What We Produce and Market

At Sanjeevani we have introduced organic farming of following Cereals: Basmati Rice, Non Basmati Rice, Wheat, Jowar (Shorghum), Bajra (Pearl Millet), Ragi (Finger Millet), Amaranthus (Ramdana / Chaulai), Barley.

All these products are available as per standards and organic regulation of NOP and NPOP.

Organic Pulses

SanjeevaniOrganics offer a complete range of organic pulses, beans and all our offerings are 100% certified organic.  Pulses are also known as legumes or lentils. Pulses are a low fat source of protein with high levels of protein and fibre. Pulses also contain important vitamins and minerals like iron, potassium and folate. We promote good health and a healthy living.


Sanjeevani Organic Edible oils are processed without the use of artificial and potentially harmful fertilizers chemicals, hormones, antibiotics and genetically manipulated material. All of our products are certified organic and pass strict quality controls. We offer a wide range of organic vegetable oils.

Organic Dairy Farming

Our 100% dedication to organic milk production means our animals are fed a mixed ration of organically certified forages and grains with vitamins and minerals, in addition to pasture during the grazing season. Our cows are not treated with artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. The products produced and market under this category are Milk, Paneer, Butter, Cream, Cow Ghee.


The word spice comes from the Old French word espice, which became epice and latter SPICE!! A spice is a dried seed, fruit, root, bark, or vegetative substance primarily used for flavoring, coloring or preserving food. Sanjeevaniorganics spices are available in several forms: fresh, whole dried, or pre-ground dried. Generally, spices are dried.


Sanjeevani Agrofoods is pioneer in the Farm to Fork movement in India by introducing frozen organic vegetables using the leading-edge Independent Quick Freezing technology (IQF). At  Sanjeevani, the fresh vegetables are taken from farm to process plant within 6 hours and complete the process of cleaning, sorting, grading in next few hours to avoid the decay of nutritional values/taste.  These vegetables pass through IQF  process to lock the nutritional values and aroma within the vegetable and finally preserve at -18 degree Celsius. The self life of these preserved vegetables are 24 months.


At Sanjeevani we offer a complete Kitchen Basket, Yes, Our motto is to convert your kitchen to a complete Organic Kitchen.  We have more that 180 Organic certified products and they are available in wholesale, Retail and online. Click to Explore the organic Basket

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Our Strength and Team

Tara Singh

Director – Agriculture

Agriculture Graduate with with 15 Years experience in Organic Crop Cultivation and Organic Farm Input.

Vijay Kannojia

G. M. Production

Post Graduate, Certificates for HACCP and GMP, Friendly and detail-oriented production coordinator.




Acre Land






All our Production Process and Products are duly certified Organic. We are passionate about raising the standards within the organic industry and from cultivation to harvesting, from processing to production through sales and marketing, each step of the way is a testimony of our commitment to integrity, accountability and responsibility. To Know more about Our certifications Please Click Here

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Hansraj rice Variety

What inspires us?

His philosophy inspired a later generation of Agriculturist - true testimonials!

Uttarakhand’s award winning farmer, Late Arun Kumar Kamboj, Has developed the Hansraj rice Variety, which has become the toast of the export circuit.

Mentor and a respected member of the Sanjeevani Family, Late Arun Kumar Kamboj of Uttrakhand’s Udham Singh Nagar district received national recognition for his development of an aromatic rice by the name of Hansraj (oryza Sativa L). This tall variety is a purified landrace of rice and commands a premium price in the export market under the `Organic Basmati’ category. Hasraj is tolerant against bacterial leaf blight and yields 20 tonne/ha. It requires less fertiliser compared to other high yield varieties and therefore, proves more affordable.

Arun Ji had 36 years of farming experience behind him, was registered as developer and breeder of Hansraj by the Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Right Act 2001. Government of India. He was also president of the Rishi Parasar Jaivik Krishi Shodh Samiti, Udham Singh Nagar. U.K.

Having been Awarded several national awards such as the `National Innovation Foundation Award’ for energy harnessing from decomposed biowaste; the Best Farmer Award’ by the Agricultural Technology Management Agency in UK, and `Special Farmer Award’ for the best practices in Organic farming awarded by the Uttarakhand Organic Product Parishad, Shri Kamboj was a serial innovator, who invented a 0-energy cooling chamber and bio geyser, amongst other useful contraptions and technologies for Organic Farming.

if your goal is a niche area such as organic farming and

Looking to do Organic Farming?

At Sanjeevani, we are committed to support Organic cultivation to and get a respectable status to Farmers by upgrading them socially and economically. We attempt to transform the hazardous Agricultural practices in a sustainable and eco friendly way where the concern and well being for Producers, Planet and you are always on top of our mind, Beyond delivering the highest quality of Products to end consumers. By our initiative we wish to pay homage to ancient agricultural traditions!!

Let us bring back a green Earth!

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Sanjeevani Organics is an Uttarakhand based organization dealing with Organic Food Products and producing organic products  for last 10 years in India. We are one of the largest producer and supplier of organic food products in India and abroad. The brand is an outcome of more than 10 years of organic food research and development.


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Sanjeevani Agro Food Pvt Ltd, Sanjeevani House, Chankaya Marg, Subhash Nagar, Dehradun
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