The market for Organic healthy food has grown immensely and purchasing Organic food is easier than before. Organic farming models are specially intended to produce vegetables, spices, grains, pulses, dairy products, and other organic products without the use of chemicals and pesticides. Remember that food grown following organic principles offers the best alternative to conventionally grown food. It is much more environmentally friendly than regular produce.
Sanjeevani Organics is an Uttarakhand-based organization dealing with Organic Food Products and producing organic products for the last 10 years in India. We supply Organic healthy food across the country and abroad as well.

When it comes to our specially designed organic process, we are concerned about the organic farming guidelines. Our organic food is processed in an operation that has been certified to organic standards we take special steps during this process that ensures the organic ingredients are not co-mingled or contaminated with non-organic materials.

Our organic food has more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants. People with allergies to foods, chemicals, or preservatives can easily prepare their Healthy Organic Food recipes to stay away from any harmful health impacts.
These organic foods contain no pesticides and chemicals such as synthetic fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides that you find in conventional agriculture. Our primary motto is Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy.

We supply purely healthy products for fresher Healthy Organic Food recipes. It is better both for your health as well as for the environment. Our organic farming practices also lessen pollution, conserve water, decrease soil corrosion, upsurge soil fertility, and consume less energy. Our Organic healthy food is (Genetically Modified Organisms) GMO-free.

How Does Our Organic Farming Help?

For the farmers- Money within the local economy goes directly to the farmer. We market and distribute products in partnership with small farmers that ensure the creation of employment and income for the producers themselves. We understand that many local farmers are not certified. Hence, help them with training in organic farming and certification. We not only lessen their dependence on costly imported chemical inputs but also create value and make a difference in farmer’s life.

The freshness of food- We aim at producing Organic healthy food that is fresher and full of flavor. We produce different sorts of exotic fruits, herbs, vegetables, and beans as well as other organic food items.
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