Top Quality Organic Desi Ghee for Several Effective Health Benefits

Your search is over here at Sanjeevani Agrofoods Pvt Ltd if you have been searching for Organic Desi Ghee. As a leading manufacturer and exporter in India, we supply the highest standard of organic ghee that offers amazing flavors of butter.

Our Organic Desi Ghee is specially made from the milk of pastured cows fed a mixed ration of organically certified forages and grains with vitamins and minerals, in addition to pasture during the grazing season. Nothing is added to it except milk. This special production of gluten-free desi ghee offers a delicious buttery taste and healthy fats. It is the best element for great for baking, sauteing, and frying and most importantly it is great for a healthy diet.

We raise our cows organically without involving harmful chemical pesticides, artificial hormones. Our ghee is excellent when using for cooking at high temperatures. They contain many fat-soluble nutrients as they are treated with low heat usually less than 100 degrees that are indispensable for better health.

Organic ghee has an outstanding source of Vitamin E that has significant antioxidant properties. It lowers the risk of cancer, arthritis, cataracts, and heart disease because of short- and medium-chain fatty acids in it. Organic ghee drops bad cholesterol levels and upsurges good cholesterol levels.

They can be used to treat burns and swelling. Organic ghee contains butyrate, a fatty acid that has recognized anti-inflammatory properties.It is an important source of conjugated linoleic acid or CLA. So, it can combat obesity and reduce excessive weight gain. Organic ghee is gluten-free, easy to digest. People with lactose or casein sensitivities can consume it without any hesitation. Because it contains little to no casein or lactose that most often cause allergies and sensitivities.

It has a smooth, creamy feel and rich flavor, and is the best alternative to butter, olive oil, and coconut oil.
Organic Ghee is simmered longer which gives it longer shelf life and higher smoke point as compared to butter and clarified butter. It ensures that it is the best cooking fats available.

It nurtures all the tissues of the body and can be used as massage oil for the skin and scalp. They are rich in Vitamin K2 that builds hormones with Vitamin A, D, E, and K.

Sanjeevani Agrofoods Pvt Ltd is a leading supplier of Organic Desi Ghee and offers it at the best pricing range.
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