Choosing Frozen organic vegetables is the best way to stay healthy. It is for everyone from kids to older age people. People with weak immune systems need to have pure and safe foods and these frozen foods and vegetables are the best option. Organic vegetables have more flavor.

Our certified Organic frozen food does not contain chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We ensure that our frozen vegetables contain almost no residues and best for children. They are far more superior in vitamins minerals and nutrients, especially higher in antioxidants, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus.
Organic frozen food has a higher percentage of Chromium which is a micronutrient. Also, they have Selenium which is an antioxidant nutrient that avoids damage by environmental chemicals. It also helps to protect against cancers and heart disease. It has Boron that helps prevent osteoporosis as well as Lithium that helps to treat certain sorts of depression.

Sanjeevani Agrofoods is a leading company that produces Frozen organic vegetables. We produce these vegetables by using the leading-edge Independent Quick Freezing technology (IQF) and export it across the country. We usually take the fresh vegetables from the farm to process the plant within 6 hours and complete the process of cleaning, sorting, and grading in the next few hours to evade the decay of nutritional values/taste. It involves the IQF process through which the vegetables pass to lock the nutritional values and aroma and finally preserve at -18 degree Celsius. Remember that the self-life of Organic frozen food is 24 months.

If you are looking for Frozen organic vegetables, then we are the right stop for you. We stock organic vegetables and they are frozen for freshness until prepared and ready to eat.

We offer the best Organic frozen food packages that are a suitable supplement to your family meals. We ensure that our frozen foods will supply the best convenience for making healthy dinners without wasting food.
Do not bother about the expiration date of our frozen foods. The self-life of these preserved vegetables is 24 months. So you can keep them in the freezer to prepare as you like. They can be prepared in a short period of time.

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